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Hi! Welcome to Quite Useless, a podcast about art and its role in our lives. Thanks for stopping by. You can find every published episode below. Or, if you'd like to opt for a more convenient listening experience, you can stream, download, and subscribe to Quite Useless on iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Google Play, or wherever you get your podcasts. And don't hesitate to drop me line via the Contact link above.



Hi there,

Quite Useless is a podcast that probes into the nature and purpose of art, comprising a ranging and in-depth investigation of art and its role in our lives. Each episode explores a different topic in the arts, tackling subjects as diverse as the cultural implications of an action hero's evolution (S1 E4, "The Rambo Effect"), the artistic frustrations of Bruce Springsteen, Dr. Seuss, and Anton Chekhov (S1 E2, "Misinterpretations"), and the spiritual affinities between Taoism, Thomas Merton, Duke Ellington, and Haruki Murakami (S2 E1, "The Use of the Useless").

Quite Useless represents a convergence of a number of interests that have captivated me for decades: art, music, literature, film, storytelling, and philosophy. As the sole writer, host, editor, composer, and producer, I spend dozens of hours crafting each episode, with an eye to creating thoughtful and engaging audio essays that will take the listener on a journey into unexpected aesthetic and intellectual territory.

Thanks so much for having a look!